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Santa Barbara, also known as the American Riviera, sits along a south facing stretch of the Central California coastline, looking across to the Santa Barbara Channel Islands National Park.  It is the south facing orientation of Santa Barbara with steep mountains to the north that gives this area its unique climate.   

From the beautiful beaches to the dramatic mountain peaks, visitors can explore a range of micro climates and activities.  Hiking, biking, hang gliding/para sailing, sailing, swimming, surfing, kayaking, fishing, golf – the list really is almost endless.  And that doesn’t start to scratch the shopping, restaurants, wine tasting, history, arts and culture that is the hallmark of Santa Barbara. 

The graceful Spanish revival architecture that permeates the city is the thread that connects us to our rich Spanish heritage.  A walk through the city, el Pueblo Viejo, and a visit to the Presidio, the El Paseo, the Santa Barbara Courthouse and the Old Mission is evidence of the strong Spanish influence that still exists today.

Getting here:

The Santa Barbara Airport is modern and conveniently located to downtown Santa Barbara.  United Airlines, American/USAir, and Alaska Air provide scheduled service.  Gateways to Santa Barbara are through Los Angeles, Denver, Phoenix, San Francisco and Seattle.  More than 700,000 visitors come through the Santa Barbara Airport every year. 

Other regional airports within easy driving distance are Los Angeles International, Long Beach,  Burbank, Santa Ana/John Wayne Airport, and Ontario.  All are less than 3 hours driving distance from Santa Barbara.  Airport Shuttle service is available from Burbank and Los Angeles International.